Review: Weight Watchers Round Memory Electronic Scale by Conair

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Do you want a stylish scale to use in your bathroom today? Are you looking for a scale that will work with your diet plan so you can know how much weight you’re actually losing? With the  Weight Watchers memory electronic scale by Conair, you’ll receive a unique, round design that will provide you accurate readings each and every time. Priced at $50 on Amazon today, it will be the perfect addition to your home so that you can achieve your fitness goals with ease!

Why Choose This Conair Weight Watcher’s Scale?

The best feature of this particular Conair model is that it can track the specific information that anyone needs for weight loss success. You can enter in your goal weights for up to 4 different users and then let the scale track your starting weight and what your last weight happened to be and then compare them to your end goals. It measures accurately up to 380 pounds and will give you readouts that go down to 50g or 1/10 of a pound for even greater accuracy!

There are these additional features to consider with this Weight Watchers scale too:

  • it features a high contrast LCD screen that will show your measurement readings in a 1.5 inch display;
  • the round design is complimented by multiple load cell semiconductor technology so that you can be confident in the accuracy of your weight reading; and
  • it is powered with a simple 9 volt battery that comes with the scale.

There are a lot of scales that claim to be accurate, yet they don’t provide the same features as this Conair option under the Weight Watchers brand. Although the round platform might make it a little difficult for users with large feet to get an accurate reading, most households are going to love the look and accuracy of this scale.

Is There an Advantage to Owning This Weight Watchers Scale?

The most unique aspect of this Weight Watchers scale is its proprietary leveling technology that is built into the display. It is pretty easy to fool a digital scale into giving you an inaccurate result by not distributing your weight properly. There is a leveler indicator will show you if your balance is off-center and if it is, which direction you need to shift your weight. Once you receive a diamond indicator of balance, you’ll receive your weight reading!

The design of this scale is its primary issue that some users are going to face. If your toes drape over the edge of the scale, it won’t be accurate. If you use it multiple times in a row, it will also make it inaccurate. The recommendation is to use the scale once per week… we’d say maybe once per day at most to get the most out of this scale.

Most households are going to find a lot of value with this scale, even if it is on the upper end of the mid-range price point. It looks great, works pretty well, and will give you the accurate results you and your entire family need.

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