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Are you on the Weight Watchers diet plan and need a scale to help you track results? Are you looking for an affordable scale that works within the food buying budget that you currently have? This Weight Watchers digital scale by Conair offers you numbers that are easy to read with a modern design that is nice to look at. Made with stainless steel accidents and safety glass, this scale retails on Amazon for less than $30. In return, you’ll receive a highly accurate scale that will deliver consistent readings for you time and time again!

Why Choose the Weight Watchers Scale?

Unlike most other scales on the market today, this Weight Watchers scales actually reads pounds to the nearest one-tenth of a pound instead of the nearest 0.2 pound. This gives you a highly accurate result that can show you even the smallest of gains that you have made, helping you to keep making those positive eating choices! It is of the classic tap-on design, however, so remember to activate the scale before stepping onto it, otherwise you’ll get an error reading.

There are a few additional features to highlight with the Weight Watchers scale as well:

  • the weight measurements are extremely easy to read on the 1.5 inch digital display and will measure to the nearest 50g if you prefer;
  • it is powered by a lithium battery so that it has a remarkably long life span that exceeds most other scales at this price point; and
  • the safety glass platform measures 12×13.5 inches and will accurately weight up to 400 pounds or 180 kilograms.

Losing weight is enough of a challenge as it is. You should need to fight with your scale to get an accurate result! Conair has partnered with Weight Watchers to make a beautiful scale that is highly accurate to help with those weight loss needs. You’re going to love this scale!

What Advantages Are There to Owning the Weight Watchers Scale?

Unlike other scales, the maintenance chores you might need to make are easy to get done with the Weight Watchers scale. Batteries eventually wear out, even those lithium ones, and it can be hard to access the compartment in a cheap scale. The two 3V lithium batteries in this scale are underneath a battery cover that you just pull off and then you just replace the batteries. Simple!

The one thing that did concern us when we saw this scale is that it is recommended to only use it once per week. Because it is a tap-on scale, it can be difficult to activate it sometimes as well, especially if it is on a tile floor that may not have a perfectly even surface.

For most homes, however, the Weight Watchers scale by Conair is going to be an affordably accurate way to measure your weight. If you need a new scale or need to start tracking your weight, then we highly recommend this scale as one of the best that is on the market today.

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