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Are you looking for a scale that is as stylish as it is functional? Do you want something that will have a purchase price that fits into even the tightest of budgets? With the Taylor Glass and Chrome Digital Scale, you’ll get the best combination of form and function at this price point. Although the LCD screen is a little undersized at 1.5 inches, it’s still easy to see the results that can be up to 400 pounds. It has a glass platform that is made of high-tempered glass and is 11.75×13 inches in size for a good, solid foundation. Best of all, it’s going to cost you about $20 on Amazon to get this scale.

Why Is This One of the Best Scales Available Today?

What we really loved about this Taylor scale is its Instant On technology. It lets you be able to step onto the scale and get an instant measurement. There’s a slight lull in the display so that you can get yourself fully onto the platform so you won’t get an inaccurate result. It will also display weight in kilograms if you prefer and the unique design gives the scale a distinctive, modern look that is remarkably dependable for what it can provide.

There are these additional features to consider with this Taylor scale as well:

  • the platform, which is 11.75×13 inches, is made of 8 millimeter thick tempered glass and sits on a chrome frame for a modern, fun look;
  • readings lock within the 1 inch LCD screen and stay displayed for 5 seconds to extend battery life; and
  • there are 4 spun aluminum sensors that are designed to measure your weight, making the scale lighter than other scales.

From top to bottom, this Taylor scale looks great and it displays accurate weights. If you’re looking for a new scale that will look nice in virtually bathroom and not be affected by the moisture of the environment, then this is the scale that you’re going to want to get today.

Is There an Advantage To Owning This Taylor Scale?

The Taylor 7506 glass scale has the usual auto-on features that you’ll find in the 2014 update of the best bathroom scales. What makes this scale stand out, therefore, is the aesthetic value that it contains. It is one of the best-looking scales at this price point and the thick tempered glass is a nice feature. It does have a lithium battery that will last a fairly long time, even with regular use, so the value ratio of this scale is right where it should be if all you need to do is measure your weight.

The one issue we noticed right away with this scale is that the aluminum sensors are attached with UV glue. This means if you keep this scale in a bathroom where you take regular showers, you will degrade the glue over time with the expansion and contraction of temperature changes. There’s also a 1% variance that seems to be in this scale, so at 300 pounds, you could be up to 3 pounds off.

For households that are looking for a highly affordable scale with a stunning modern look, then this Taylor option with a platform of tempered glass is a good option. It’s design is what makes it one of the best scales on the market today and why it receives our recommendation.

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