Review: Seca 700 Physician’s Balance Beam Scale

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Are you tired of using digital scales that make you doubt what the results will be? Do you want a scale that is based on the traditional weighing motions like you’d find at the doctor’s office? With the Seca 700, you’ll be receiving a scale that will measure up to 500 pounds accurately using the traditional method of balancing. Slide the weights over the measurement indicators to make the scale balance out and you’ll have your weight! Save $$$ on this scale by shopping on Amazon today and finally get the accurate readings you’ve always wanted!

What Are the Key Features of the Seca 700?

If you want the full doctor’s office experience in your home, then the Seca 700 is going to provide that for you thanks to the measuring rod that is included with the scale. Did you know that your height can vary by as much as two inches throughout the day? By having an accurate height and weight, you’ll be able to determine what your BMI is and if there are any changes you might need to make. You’ll have to do the calculations yourself, of course, but that’s pretty easy to do with the internet today.

There are some other features to consider with the Seca 700 as well:

  • it comes equipped with integrated castors so it’s pretty easy to move this scale to wherever you need it to be in your home;
  • it offers precision increments of 1/10 of a pound so that you can track even the smallest improvements in your weight and BMI percentage; and
  • you can easily zero out the scale by changing the depth of one screw that works with the balance bar – you’ll just need a screwdriver to do it.

For an accurate weighing experience, you can’t go wrong with the Seca 700. It offers the traditional doctor’s office design with highly accurate weights that give you the fractional measurements of a digital scale. It really is the best of both worlds!

Is There an Advantage to Owning the Seca 700?

It’s the accuracy of the scale that makes the Seca 700 one that you’ll want to own. Even the best digital scales tend to wear out near the end of their battery life. Because there is no battery with this scale, just a weight and balance system, you’ll be able to get accurate readings every time you step onto it! If you find the measurements are a bit off, just adjust it back to a true zero in just a couple of minutes. The Seca 700 really could be the last scale you ever buy!

It is difficult to find anything that could be improved with the design of this scale. It’s priced fairly, offers an accurate result, and is easy to maintain. If the floor isn’t level, you’ll have the same problems that you’d have with other scales, but the Seca 700 can even be used on level, firm carpet if need be! If you’re willing to make an investment now, then this scale will be around to deliver results for years to come! It’s easily one of the best scales available today and receives our highest recommendation.

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