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Do you need an all-in-one scale to help you achieve your fitness goals? Are you looking for a scale that will work for every member of the family? One of the biggest struggles that families face with a digital scale is that you can’t weight young children on them. With the Ozeri Touch, there is an infant tare button that will let you way your infant, a pet if you prefer, or even your luggage while holding the items in your arms. Combine that with the all-in-one features for full body data and the big % discount that’s on Amazon and you’ve got a pretty amazing deal!

Why Choose the Ozeri Touch Today?

It’s the programming that really stands out with the Ozeri Touch. Using an advanced algorithm, it is able to instantly calculate what your bone mass, hydration, body fat, and muscle happens to be. There are three touch-sensitive buttons that help to use all of the features of this scale that are easy to use and it measures weights up to 440 pounds in 0.2 pound increments.

There are these additional features to consider with the Ozeri Touch as well:

  • the foundation of the scale is made from impact-resistant tempered glass so there will always be a strong, reliable place to put your feet;
  • it has the ability to store the data of up to 8 unique users and has the ability to automatically recognize them as well; and
  • there are 4 GX sensors that provide the high precision results of this scale in such a way that it also lowers the profile of the scale to make standing on it a comfortable experience.

Elegance is not an adjective that you would normally associate with something like a bathroom scale, but that’s exactly what the Ozeri Touch happens to be. It works quickly, provides reliable data, and has a bright LCD screen to communicate results. This means that every measurement will be done with an optimal performance.

Is There An Advantage to Using the Ozeri Touch?

It’s the batteries, strangely enough, that make this scale stand out from the rest of the pack. Instead of needing AAA or AA batteries to change in and out, you’ve got two lithium batteries powering this scale instead. That means you get a longer overall life from this scale and if you’re savvy enough technically, you can even recharge the batteries if need be.

This scale does seem to be pretty sensitive to the type of floor that it is placed on. You’ll want a low moisture environment that is extremely firm and not prone to slippage. That will maximize the quality of the data you receive and eliminate as many discrepancies as possible.

Most households are going to enjoy this scale because of the tremendous amount of features that are available for a surprisingly small price. If you’re looking for the best scale possible, then you don’t have much of an argument in saying that the Ozeri Touch meets that qualification.

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