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Are you looking for a scale that will give you a more traditional result? Do you love the idea of a digital scale, but the reliability of older models? The Ozeri Rev digital bathroom scale could be the perfect fusion of past and present so that form and function come together beautifully. You’ll still get a digital display of your weight, but there is also a spinning dial that will give you a graphic representation of your weight as well. Save up to 50% on Amazon today and you could have this awesome scale for less than $30!

Why Choose the Ozeri Rev Digital Scale to Meet Your Needs?

Going beyond the synchronized dial and LCD display that illuminates in pounds and kilograms, we love the fact that the entire dial is 5.5 inches in size. You won’t have to worry about trying to read your results because you’ll be able to quickly see what your weight happens to be. It goes up to 400-pound measurements as well, so it is going to work for a majority of people.

There are these additional features to consider with the Ozeri Rev digital scale as well:

  • the design includes 4 high precision GX sensors that activate automatically when someone steps onto the scale so that a precise weight measurement is always obtained;
  • there is automatic calibration included within the design and it runs on just 3 AAA batteries, which are included with purchase; and
  • the platform is made from tempered glass that is impact resistant and over-sized so you can rest assured that you’ll receive an accurate weight.

You could pay twice as much for a digital scale that will give you half the results that the Ozeri Rev is able to provide. It looks great, operates well, and will give you the information you need to achieve your next fitness goal.

Is There an Advantage To Owning the Ozeri Rev?

It’s hard to find a professional quality scale that will actually give you an accurate result time and time again at this price point. So many of them talk about being able to have accurate measurements, but you’ve got to have a hard, solid surface for them to work. You’ll get a more consistent result with this scale without all of the strange weight variations that other entry-level scales can provide.

It would have been nice for the dial part of the scale to work independently without batteries, but it just doesn’t do it. You stand on the scale and get nothing unless the batteries are in it! The nostalgia is nice, but making it more useful would be even nicer.

For most folks, this digital scale is going to be a useful item that everyone in the family can use. With accurate measurements and a unique design that is incredibly durable, you won’t go wrong by choosing this Ozeri Rev scale to meet the needs you have.

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