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Are you looking for a bathroom scale that can give you accurate measurements above 400 pounds? Do you want a scale that is impact-resistant and able to handle the moisture-rich environment of your bathroom on a daily basis? The Ozeri Precision IIcould be just the scale for you! It accurately measures up to 440 pounds and the tempered glass that has been used to create the platform is extremely sturdy. Priced right around $20 on Amazon today, this scale will provide you with consistent results time after time.

What Key Features Are There With the Ozeri Precision II?

Do you have a scale at home right now? Go ahead and flip it over. Those feet that are underneath the scale in most makes and models have one thing in common: they’ll scratch your floor. It might not be today or tomorrow, but over time, tile gets scratches or linoleum gets torn. With the Ozeri Precision II, there is an improved design that limits this issue while still providing a non-slip experience!

There are a few other features to consider with the Ozeri Precision II as well:

  • the LCD screen features xBright technology so that any result can be easily read, whether you prefer pounds, kilograms, or even stones;
  • it works with a step-on activation so you don’t have to worry about tapping the scale and then need to calibrate it again if you bump it wrong; and
  • the scale does automatically turn off after use and offers automatic calibration to help make sure every reading is as accurate as possible.

When you include the bonus extras of a free body fat caliper and body tape measure so that you can know where your health really is, the true value of the Ozeri Precision II comes out. It is one of the best scales at this price point for one simple reason: it works the way it promises it will work.

Is There an Advantage to Owning the Ozeri Precision II?

At 13×12 inches in size, the platform of this scale really is its advantage. If you’ve got feet that are larger than a size 12, then most scales are going to give you trouble. The non-slip features combined with the extended size make the Ozeri Precision II work better for more people and it does its job by using just 4 AAA batteries.

With a larger family, however, the batteries can go rather quickly in this scale. We recommend investing into the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries you can pick up for around $10 or so that will make sure you always have a scale that can give you an accurate result. If the surface isn’t completely flat, the Ozeri Precision II also tends to constantly recalibrate itself, so make sure to get it on the flattest, firmest surface you have.

Most households are going to enjoy this scale and its price point. It delivers consistent results and you won’t have to worry about damaging the floor of your bathroom! If you need an affordable, reliable scale, we highly recommend this one as one of the best scales for you right now.

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