Review: Omron HBF-514C Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor

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Are you looking for a high quality device that will help you keep track of your body’s essential fitness data? Do you want a product that is proven to be dependable, yet still affordable enough that you won’t need to make sacrifices in other areas to purchase the item? The Omron HBF-514C is a full body composition monitor that is designed to measure your key fitness tracking items at home with ease. It’s about the cost of a dinner out with the family on Amazon and in return, you’ll get the data you need to meet your next fitness goal.

What Are the Key Features of the Omron Body Composition Monitor?

This breakthrough device uses 6 sensors to accurately read what is going on over your entire body. It’s a system that has shown to be as clinically accurate as the devices that are used to track the same information at your doctor’s office. You can store readings for up to 90 days and in return, you’ll be able to track some key fitness indicators that other products just can’t do, such as resting metabolism. This lets you get a better picture of your fitness and fine-tune your adjustments.

There are some additional features to consider with this Omron product as well:

  • it has the ability to measure weights up to 330 pounds in addition to the various other measurements that it can take;
  • it measures in both pounds and kilograms, giving you an accurate percentage of body fat or muscular tissue in both settings; and
  • it is incredibly easy to setup and use so that you can start getting results that you need in just minutes.

Why track resting metabolism? When trying to lose weight, you need to have a picture of calories going in and calories going out. If you know how many calories your body will naturally burn in an hour and then can combine that with your workout schedule, it becomes possible to tailor your diet in a more specific way.

What Advantages Come With the Omron Body Composition Monitor?

The primary advantage that you’ll receive with this product is simply the information that it is able to provide. Because the data is more comprehensive than most other similar products on the market today, you’ll know more about what your body needs and what you need to change. A simple scale that measures weight can’t do the same thing.

As for the product itself, there are some limitations to it. If you’re sweating or running a fever, it won’t be accurate. For individuals who skew their BMI because of a larger muscle mass, this product isn’t going to be as accurate either.

For the average person who is looking to get into shape and wants data that they can use to make that happen, however, then the body composition monitor from Omron could be the right product to purchase today. Packed with features, it receives our recommendation today because it easily one of the best scales that is available.

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