Review: Omron HBF-510W Full Body Composition Monitor

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Are you tired of full body measurement products that are inconsistent? Do you want a highly affordable body composition monitor that will give you the data you need in a clear, precise way? The Omron HBF-510W solves these problems for you thanks to its full body sensing technology. With hand and foot sensors providing a mild electrical current to measure body fat percentages and your BMI, you’ll know what changes you may need to make in your workout routine. Priced for less than $60 on Amazon, you’ll finally be able to make progress on those tough fitness goals with this tool!

What Are the Key Features of the Omron HBF-510W?

When looking at this particular body monitor, we really liked the well-rounded nature of its design. You can monitor your body weight, along with your body fat indexes and percentages, and then track the results over time thanks to the four-person profile that is incorporated into the unit’s design. It’ll also measure your skeletal muscle percentage thanks to the 6 advanced sensors that register the data your body provides.

There are also these additional features to consider with the Omron HBF-510W:

  • it will chart your visceral fat levels so that you can know what your risks for heart disease, diabetes, and other potential health issues may be;
  • using just 4 AA batteries, a family of 4 can use this item every day for a full year before needing to replace them; and
  • a 1 year warranty backs up the purchase of this product.

The Omron HBF-510W does what it says it can do. It measures conductivity, so an authentic measurement on the body itself will always be more accurate than an electrical charge. For BMI ratings and a good idea of where your health is, however, this body composition monitor does an excellent job.

Is There an Advantage To Owning This Body Composition Monitor?

Once you screen the limitations of this device, the Omron HBF-510W is pretty simple to use. You just turn on the power, remove the display unit from the base, and select the number that you’ve created for your profile. Then you just grab the electrodes, hold the unit out in front of you while standing on the scale, and wait for your results! Its ease of use is definitely its primary advantage.

It would be nice to have some built-in memory for this unit. It stores profiles, but won’t store any data at all that is collected. You’ll need to personally track everything or upgrade to the HBF-514C in order to save your data. It’s also a little sensitive to floor variations, so tile is not a great floor option for this body composition monitor.

Under most circumstances, this is going to be the one tool you’ll enjoy using every day as you proceed toward your health goals. Although a little limited in storage, this won’t affect the actual delivery of the data you need. It makes a full body monitor more affordable without the extra storage as well, so if you’re on a tight budget, this is likely the best scale for you to use from an all-in-one perspective.

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