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Are you looking for an easy at-home method of measuring your body fat? Do you want something that will track your BMI and fat content without being worried about what your overall weight might be? The Omron body fat loss monitor is an effective tool that will let you immediately see how much fat you actually have. With a micro-electrical current that tickles more than it stinks, you’ll get instant results. Make your purchase on Amazon today and you’ll even save up to 50% off the MSRP of the item!

What Are the Features of the Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor?

The key feature of this body fat loss monitor is that you can choose two different modes based on what your unique needs happen to be. There’s a “normal” mode for the average Joe who just wants to slim up a little bit to fit into the pants that are on the top shelf of the closet. Then there’s an athletic mode that will help provide accurate results based on the exercise regimen that is being used. This means everyone can get the data they need to achieve a specific fitness goal.

There are these additional features to consider with this Omron body fat loss monitor as well:

  • it is able to deliver accurate results in about 7 seconds thanks to the combination of the current and handheld grips;
  • there are memory profiles included in the software to track measurements for up to nine people; and
  • setting your personal data to include frequency, intensity, and time helps to provide a customized result based on your activity levels.

Knowing what your body fat levels are is critical to the overall fitness levels of people today. Whether you’re going for a Hollywood trim look or just want to lose a couple inches, this tool can put numbers and statistics into what used to just be pant sizes and mirror reflections.

What Advantages Comes With the Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor?

It’s the Biolelectrical Impedance Method in measurement that provides accurate results based on the baseline data you input. Because body fat doesn’t really conduct electricity well, the weak current that is supplied by this tool will provide consistent measurements over time because it is measuring the amount of conductivity that is being allowed by your body.

If you’re above 6’6”, then this product isn’t going to work for you. It isn’t completely accurate compared to specific methods that you’ll get at the doctor’s office either, but it will give you a pretty accurate figure that you can base decisions upon. We do recommend using dry hands with this product to get better results.

Should you need to know what your body fat content happens to be, then this tool from Omron will help you get the information you need. That’s why it receives our recommendation today.

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