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Do you have a Fitbit fitness tracker that you wear on your wrist routinely? Are you looking for something that will compliment all of the stats that your Fitbit records daily? With the Fitbit Aria WiFi smart scale, you’ll get a product that will be able to upload your stats automatically via your home’s Internet network so you can get graphs of your progress. It accurately tracks your BMI and weight and lets you quickly and easily shares the data you need to hold yourself accountable to each goal. It’s priced competitively at just over $100 on Amazon today and comes in black or white.

What Are the Key Features of the Fitbit Aria?

If you’ve got a large family, then the Fitbit Aria is the perfect digital scale for you! It will automatically recognize up to 8 unique users and track all of their eating and exercise habits when combined with other Fitbit technology. This scale will specifically track BMI, body fat, and weight so that the stats from every workout can be fully complimented. It’s easy to setup and use as well – just open it up, make sure the batteries are in, and step on the scale!

There are some other features you may wish to consider with the Fitbit Aria as well:

  • it offers measurements of up to 350 pounds and can be registered in stones or kilograms;
  • you can set up weight goals with daily eating plans that will keep you moving forward with positive steps; and
  • there are free smartphone apps included with the purchase of this scale so you can easily track, share, or adjust your progress as necessary.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get motivated to lose those last 10 pounds or if you need to lose your first 10 pounds, then the Fitbit Aria has the tools that you’ll want to have so that you can taste success and then share it. Earn badges, wirelessly upload, and get fit!

Is There an Advantage To Using the Fitbit Aria?

Not many scales are able to provide a complete 360-degree picture of what your fitness happens to be at any given moment. When you own the Fitbit Aria and compliment it with a fitness tracker, you’ll be able to see how well you sleep, how much you move, and even the quality of your diet in one comprehensive place. This information will then let you make adjustments as necessary so that you can achieve any fitness goal!

The one issue we saw that could really use an improvement was how the scale recognized networks. For homes that use an extender for their WiFi, the Aria is going to pick up more than one network, making it potentially difficult to use.

If you want an all-in-one health tracking service, then the Fitbit Aria could be the solution you’ve been searching to find. With quality features and useful tools that can be translated into graphical information online, your fitness goals that once seemed out of reach might not seem so far away any more.

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