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Do you want an affordable bathroom scale that will quickly give you the weight results you want? Are you looking for something that has a traditional design, but with an updated look? The two-toned square platform of EPI’s Omega Ultra Slim digital scale will give your bathroom the look you want at a price you’re going to like? For less than $30 on Amazon, you’ll receive a scale with a 3.5-inch LCD screen with LED backlighting that is nice and bright. It even holds the result of your weight for up to 10 seconds!

Why Choose the EPI Omega Ultra Slim Digital Scale?

With this scale, it is all about the design of the platform. The top of the platform, which is made from a combination of high-grade plastic and aluminum, has been finished with a non-slip surface that makes stepping onto the scale safe and easy. The 12×12 platform is big enough for most folks and the low profile; slim design makes it easy to step onto it, even with feet that are wet or issues with knees or other joints.

There are some other features to highlight with the EPI Omega Ultra Slim digital scale as well:

  • it measures weight through the use of 4 high precisions G sensors that will deliver a result that is nearest to the 0.2 of a pound;
  • the weight that is measured will display on the bright LCD screen for 10 seconds and is bright enough to be read at virtually any angle; and
  • sense-on technology allows you to just step onto the scale to get a fast, immediate, and accurate reading.

At this price point, there aren’t too many scales that have an ultra slim profile and still have the ability to deliver a consistent result. With the EPI Omega Ultra Slim digital scale, you get an accurate reading almost every time and the item is backed up with a two year warranty just in case you don’t get the weights you expect.

Is There an Advantage To Owning the EPI Omega Ultra Slim Digital Scale?

Most scales on the market today have a 1%-2% variance with their design so that at any given moment, you can be a couple pounds off either way. You’ll be consistently off by that amount, so it’s easy to get used to the number that you receive. With this scale, we got an amazingly accurate reading that was just as good as those old-fashioned scales you see at the doctor’s office still sometimes. It was spot on every single time, straight out of the box.

We’d love to see the calibration be a little easier with this scale. Stepping on and off repeatedly isn’t very convenient and if it is done correctly, the scale can end up being off by as much as 10%. Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter to get the best results with this scale.

We really loved seeing the EPI Omega Ultra Slim digital scale and believe you will too. Built to be accurate and still give you the traditional look you want for an affordable price, it is easily one of the best scales at this price point.

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