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Are you looking for a scale that will give you a truly accurate result? Do you need a scale that will go higher than 250 pounds of capacity? With the EatSmart Precision digital scale, you’ll be getting a 400-pound capacity unit that features step on technology. It’s easy to read, even from a distance, and will give you the automatic features that you want with a modern scale. Best of all, you can save up to 50% on Amazon right now for the #1 scale that has been a best seller for 5 straight years.

What Makes the EatSmart Precision Scale So Great?

The key feature that stands out on this digital scale is its 4 high precision sensors that are included within the design of the scale. It provides measurements at .2 of a pound for greater weight accuracy so that there is a consistent and accurate result every time you step onto the scale. Modern and stylish, the EatSmart Precision isn’t going to stand out like a sore thumb in your bathroom!

Here are some additional features to consider with this particular scale as well:

  • it offers a large 3.5 inch LCD display with blue backlighting that is powered by Accubright so that you can read your result from virtually any angle;
  • it is auto calibrated so that you never need to worry about it and it will automatically power off; and
  • the top of the scale is made from tempered glass that is 8 millimetres thick so you won’t have to worry about the moisture of a bathroom degrading the top of the scale.

Powered with 4 AA batteries and weighing less than 5 pounds, this scale is designed to be a tool to help you keep track of your weight on a daily basis so you can develop healthier eating habits. For further encouragement, a weight loss tape is included with your purchase of this scale to help track inches that are lost over time.

Is There an Advantage To Using the EatSmart Precision Digital Scale?

We really love the fact that this particular scale allows three weight measurements to be used: pounds, kilograms, and stones. The recent redesign of it allows you to just step onto the scale to get your weight as well without having to tap it in order to activate it. It’s a solid scale that is rather simple in design, but it still provides and effective result.

The one issue we had with the EatSmart design in the past, the tapping of the scale to activate it, has been resolved in this update. Make sure you get a 2014 version or beyond to avoid the headache of activation and we’re certain you’ll be satisfied with the results.

If you want a new scale for your home, whether to track your weight loss goals or to check on your strength training results, then the EatSmart Precision digital scale has the simple tools that you’ll want to use. It’s been the #1 best selling scale on Amazon for 5 years for one basic reason: it works. That’s why we fully recommend this scale to you!

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