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Are you looking for a scale that can provide you some additional information besides what your weight happens to be? Do you want a product that will help you meet your fitness goals without costing a ridiculous amount of money? For less than $50 on Amazon, the EatSmart GetFit digital body fat scale will meet your needs quite effectively. Program in your stats and then all you’ve got to do is step onto the scale to get your results! There may not be an easier measuring method on the market today.

Why Choose the EatSmart GetFit?

The GetFit offers a unique set of stats that other digital body fat scales just don’t provide. You’ll get your weight, of course, but you’ll also get an accurate percentage of your body fat. There are also options to measure the percentage of body water that you have, what your muscle mass happens to be, and even your bone mass. This means you’ll get a complete picture of your fitness, once programmed, in just seconds!

There are some other features to consider with the EatSmart GetFit as well:

  • it contains proprietary software that will help to identify up to 8 unique users and then store their data independently of each other;
  • a large 3.5 inch backlit blue LCD display helps to deliver the results that have been measured with ease; and
  • all of the different measurements that are available are automatically calibrated so that you’ll never have to worry about how accurate a result happens to be.

How does this product work? By sending a weak electrical current through your feet, it can measure the conductivity of fat within the body. Because fat doesn’t conduct electricity well, your measurement will be translated into a percentage.

What Advantages Come With the EatSmart GetFit?

With its ability to measure up to 400 pounds with a 0.2 pound accuracy, the overall versatility of this scale is definitely what makes it one of the best there is. For less than the price of other makes and models that just provide a weight, you’ll get an all-in-one product with a low profile and quality modern features that will have you meeting your fitness goals with ease and consistency.

We do recommend not placing this scale in the bathroom, however, because the moisture can hinder the accuracy of the results that can be achieved. You’ll also not want to use this scale after wearing your shoes for an extended period of time for the same reason.

In most circumstances, the EatSmart GetFit is going to provide quality data for a price that is surprisingly good. If you prefer working out at home over the gym and want something to help you track results, then this is the scale that you’re going to want to purchase today.

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