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Are you looking for an affordable bathroom scale that will still give you accurate results? Do you want a scale that will look as good as it is accurate? The clear platform on the BalanceFrom high accuracy bathroom scale will provide a good first impression and the benefits of owning this scale just increase from there! It provides accurate results thanks to its four corner sensors that are specifically placed to provide the right wait. By shopping on Amazon, you could even pick up this scale for as little as $25 today!

What Key Features Does This Affordable Scale Have?

It’s the extra large LCD display that really stands out in the design of this BalanceFrom scale. Featuring a cool blue backlighting and extra large fonts, you’ll be receiving a 4.3 inch display that can be read quickly and easily in almost any conditions, including a foggy bathroom! Order it in silver or black today and you’ll be able to accurately measure up to 400 pounds with a simplicity that is difficult to match at this price point.

There are these additional features to consider with this model from BalanceFrom too:

  • the bottom is equipped with non-slip feet that will keep the unit stable and prevent it from scratching the floor;
  • the platform is made from the thickest tempered glass that is available on the market today so that you can be confident in the heft and accuracy of the unit; and
  • there is a 2 year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee offered with every unit that is manufactured.

It might be an entry-level price, but the features of this BalanceFrom scale are far from basic. You won’t be able to measure your BMI or know what your lean mass index happens to be, but you will know how much you weigh every day in an accurate way and that’s why most people own a scale in the first place.

Is There An Advantage To Owning This BalanceFrom Scale?

The automatic calibration of this scale is particularly useful because you won’t have to keep picking up the scale to reset it like other models sometimes require. Zeroing out the scale is easy to do. You just step onto it and then stay there until it displays a weight. Then step off the scale and let it turn off. You’ll have then calibrated the scale and can then weight yourself again. Most digital scales require this effort and is why weight discrepancies are often complained about.

It’s difficult to find anything really negative to say about this scale. If anything, it would be nice if the batteries would last a bit longer and if a large family is using the scale multiple times per day, it might not hold its calibration. Otherwise this high accuracy offering from BalanceFrom is one of the best scales available today because it won’t cost a lot to get the results you want. That’s why it receives our recommendation.

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